Combi rafting


Combi rafting

Numedalslågen is one of Europe’s best rafting river, a technical alpine river, which means that it offers plenty of exciting challenges. Our experienced and qualified rafting guides will take good care of you and our staff will tailor the tour to suit you and the rafting experience you are wishing for. All participants will receive proper information, instruction and training before the rafting tour.

We would like everyone to experience the best rafting tour, independent on their age and your wishes. Therefore we can combine the different rafting tours.

It is very rare that everyone in a group has the exact same wishes and expectations and we do our very best to accommodate for each individual participant.

During one rafting tour, it is possible for some participants to do extreme, some to do super and some participants to do Fairytale rafting. Those who are going for Viking, raft the whole river section, the ones who are joining the super, drives around the Viking rapids (normally 2 rapids), while the Fairytale rafters only raft the calm sections of the river. The mini rafters stay with our bus driver during the bigger rapids.

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